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Every day is a wonderful day for us but it was a special day for Holy Mary family that our school had been inaugurated on 13th April 2014. Mr.M.V.V. Prasada Rao, the Academic Director of vocational Education, CBSE, was the Chief Guest of the day, Mr.Saket Kushwaha (the Vice-Chancellor, LNM University, Dharbhanga) presided over the function. Mr. M.B. Verma, the great scientist was the special guest. Mr. Shiva Kishor Roy, the Chairman of the school and Dr.C.B. Singh, the Secretary of Sahodaya CBSE were also present.


HOLY MARY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL aims to be a very happy and caring school where children feel valued, stimulated and challenged. The HOLY MARY students are unique individuals who come from a wide range of culture background. HOLY MARY offers a supportive and intellectually challenging environment to encourage these students to succeed and enable them to understand their role in a world community.The foundation of HOLY MARY is based on the principles of understanding and utilization of wisdom and knowledge which are fundamental to the life and educational process, learning and self-improvement; these being life-long endeavours.


Service before self is the ethos deeply ingrained in every marline. It signifies that the happiness, safety and comfort of others mean more to us than our own happiness, safety and comfort. The motto reminds us constantly that giving is nobler than receiving and that we give without expecting anything in return.


It is the principle of HOLY MARY to make every possible effort to cultivate the much valued discipline in all the HOLY MARY students. When the situation demands that is when the unacceptable behaviour in the school environment is noticed the teacher counsels the students and makes sure that they understands the need for the right conduct.If any student’s behaviours’ continuous to cause concern, that students will be counselled by officials designated for such Recruiting of any breech in the major disciplinary aspect of the school, the principal/M.D. of the school may choose to interact with the parents to find a possible solution to the problem.purpose (Principal, M.D. or in-charge, etc.). at this stage the parents are informed about the situation through the diary/phone depending on the severity of the problem.Repeated instances of misbehaviour may result in the students’ suspension or removal from the school. This happens only when it becomes evident that the erring student refuses to comply with the disciplinary policy of the school.



A child is a God’s gift to mankind and every child is gifted with unique skills. A good school just facilitates the sharpening of those skills to bring out the best in a child. The academic institute aims to create proactive and ethical global leaders of the future with concern and commitment to its social, ecological and economic environment.


At HOLY MARY we strive to promote academic excellence through high quality process of teaching. We are committed to lifelong leaning in a caring environment, preparing the child for success in the changing and challenging world.Our mission is to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers children to reach their educational and personal potential while nurturing their self confidence and self esteem. HMIS recognizes that each child is an individual that all children are creative, that all children need to succeed and believe in the total development of each child.

  • To provide adequate infrastructure and a comfortable learning environment
  • To harness the power of human mind to achieve excellence.
  • To adopt innovative teaching methods of global standards.
  • To enhance proficiency and help in personality development.
  • To focus on an effective quality management system.


  • To assist the parents in discovering the potential of their child, to give the student the diagnosis needed to set them towards that goal; and to develop the skills needed to be a winner in life.
  • To provide a strong educational foundation that will serve a life time and give the student the advantage in their quest for a better future in the global community
  • To provide our students with a conducive learning environment in which a comprehensive scholastic programme equips them to rise to global standards.
  • HMIS’S encourages technology based learning through partnership with Educomp
  • Special activities follow the lessons taught for a better in sight and to cultivate a keen interest in the curriculum.
  • Special time slots and innovating teaching methods allow the slow learner to overcome their areas of weakness and gain confidence to achieve better result.

HOLY MARY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is established on sound principles and values. HOLY MARY aims at educating each and every student irrespective of their potential at the time of their arrival. Our school makes no difference between the gifted and the rest in any way. The reason for this is our view “if a child fails to reach the standard of the teachers, the teachers themselves should reach the students and teach them in a way that they could understand each and every lesson and bring up them. HOLY MARY never wants to make a handful of parents happy on the ‘day of judgment’; the result day. Instead it wants all parents and students happy and satisfied on that very special day.The goals of HOLY MARY too are different. HOLY MARY does not strive to produce the mere job seekers but it strives to produce the job givers. Together with academic progress HOLY MARY wishes that the students acquire the ‘value’ and the much required ‘Life Skills’. In other words HOLY MARY wishes that the student becomes the useful citizen of the Global and the torch bearers of the generations to come. HOLY MARY further believes that there should be a positive correlation between the knowledge and wisdom.

  • Smart class facility is provided in all the class room
  • Well Planned class room session and activities
  • Stress on Good Habits, etiquettes and English Conversation
  • Caring, Trained and Qualified Teaching Faculty
  • High Tech. Interactive class rooms for thorough growth of the Children
  • Individual attention to Students
  • Well stacked labs with the resources and equipments to promote the experimentation in favour of Students
  • An Array of Sports Facilities like Table-Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Football etc.
  • Monthly Performance index
  • Feedback to Parents
  • Well stacked Library
  • Special Trainer for Spoken English
  • Special Training for Sports
  • Celebration of Various Festivals in Morning Assembly (Special Assembly)
  • Special Quizzing sessions for General Awareness, Mathematics, Science, Social Science etc.


HOLY MARY strives hard to develop a true sense of liberal tolerance in its students towards all the religious, social ethic beliefs and background of every individual without any distinction of caste, colour or creed. We endeavour to develop a passion for excellence and determination to meet challenges “head on’ through broad based skills with due emphasis on ethical and moral values. Our commitment is to sharp children into conscientious and responsible citizen with a high sense of honesty, integrity and truthfulness. By encouraging its pupils to achieve self-esteem and to realize their full potential through a relevant, challenging and a balanced curriculum, the school endeavours to bring about a harmonious development of the child’s personality. Education at HOLY MARY broadens the intellectual perspective, makes a better and complete person and teaches the students to appreciate the worthy and finer things in life. Our goal is excellence and we strive hard to achieve it and uphold it through continuous innovation, improvement and openness to new ideas and experiences. By organizing various events the school provides many opportunities for creative work for holistic development of the children. The thrust is to develop self-confidence, determination, analytical abilities and communicative skills.


The natural and peaceful place, pollution free setting of the school provides an ideal environment for the development of the inherent potential and concentration of the mind. The climate of Bahadurpur, Darbhanga is healthy and salubrious. The ambience is highly conducive to higher contemplation, growth and leaning in the lap of nature. This city is known for its richness of “Adhithi Deo Bhava”;
the people here respect and give much homely atmosphere to the guests.